Year two for Arts Council's "Bella Vista in Bloom"

Resident needle workers and fiber artists have been working for several months to create new flowers and designs for the Bella Vista Arts Council’s second annual “Bella Vista in Bloom,” a temporary art installation. 

The first year of the event in 2022 drew a large crowd of viewers from all over Northwest Arkansas. The Bella Vista Public Library’s display delighted first-time visitors of all ages who came to see the artworks, and members of the Arts Council received positive feedback from the community. They expect the response to be even bigger during the second year. 

Join Bella Vista Mayor John Flynn, Arts Council President Demara Titzer and board members, and the needle workers for the unveiling of this year’s installation at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 11 at the Bella Vista Public Library, 11 Dickens Place.

Mayor Flynn will read a Bella Vista in Bloom Temporary Public Art Month proclamation during the event, which coincides with National and International Yarn Bombing Day.

The yarn art will be installed through July 10.

Yarn bombing is a form of street art, in which artists cover or decorate public objects with knitted or crocheted yarn.

“We are back at the same three locations again this year and hope that in the years to come we can expand to other locations around the city,” Titzer said.

Locations where this year’s art can be viewed are:

  • Bella Vista City Hall chain link fence overlooking U.S. Hwy. 71, along with several areas in front of the building — 101 Town Center.
  • Bella Vista Public Library along the garden area fence and an indoor installation — 11 Dickens Place.
  • Bella Vista Historical Museum cabin along the wood fencing — 1885 Bella Vista Way.

Members of the Arts Council created “Bella Vista in Bloom” to engage more of the creative community and increase public art throughout the city.

“This project is about creating a community art project that crowd sources creativity and the joy of sharing it with others. It was important that everyone who has a desire can participate,” Titzer said.

The installations feature not only the individual pieces of art from the makers and those involved in embellishment and assembly, but also the work of those behind the scenes, including those who donated materials and volunteered to install the artworks.

Creative Director Debra DeVilbiss and lead designers Teresa Smothers Oller and Chrissy Laine Hallwachs have led the project by inviting volunteers to help in all phases, from selecting patterns to execution. They have met each week at the library to discuss ideas and plan layouts for each location.

This year, Bella Vista Community Church is hosting the assembly process June 5-9.

“A yarn bomb is a celebration of creativity, a coming together through contribution, and the ripple of joy and delight it brings to the community,” said DeVilbiss. “There’s also, I think, a lovely energy around its ephemeral nature: the art arises from many contributors, blossoms for a moment in time, then disappears to reemerge as something else next year.”

This program is offered as a community engagement event in support of the City of Bella Vista's public art initiative, to be held each year. Contact members of the Arts Council at to volunteer for next year’s event.

Please note: The library will be closed to patrons Sunday, June 11, and the unveiling of the artworks will be an outdoor-only event.