When Bella Vista was founded more than a half century ago, it was the recreational abundance that drew people here: deep woods, expansive bluffs, serene waterside views. The original Bella Vista Village invited those who delighted in this natural setting to come visit and then to stay.

Decades later, the gems hidden in hollows continue to be revealed. And now, with the creation first of the Back 40 and now the Little Sugar trail systems, this natural paradise can be experienced, explored, enjoyed by those on a bike or on foot. Together with Blowing Springs Trails, these purpose-built trails add up to 100 miles of trail in our city limits and can be enjoyed by any outdoor enthusiast.

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The creation of a trail system: It literally takes a village
The Little Sugar Trail System was more than two years in the making. Watch this creation of a 50-mile trail system and what can be accomplished through collaboration and investment in infrastructure. The end product? Enhanced access to natural beauty otherwise hidden, increased recreational opportunity and an overall enriched quality of life for those who live here and those who will wish they do. Join us in celebrating this masterpiece of world-class trails right here at home, just west of US 71, and the work it took to get us here.