Animal Control

Animal Control responds to animal complaints during regular hours, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The ACO's duties are to enforce the city, county and state animal laws, protect animals and keep Bella Vistans safe from dangerous animals. At other times, on-duty officers will respond to calls as time permits.

PD ACO Pratt 2019Is your dog chipped?
Send the current information from your dog’s chip to ACO Pratt at If your dog is found, or in the event of a disaster, having this info will make it much easier for you and your pet to be reunited.

Your dog isn’t chipped? Ask your vet for details!

ACO Duties include:
  • Investigating animal cruelty reports.
  • Picking up stray dogs and transporting them to the Bella Vista Animal Shelter.
  • Issuing citations to owners, such as for barking dogs or for dogs or cats at large — allowing dogs and cats to run loose in neighborhoods.
  • Putting down sick wild animals, such as raccoons or foxes with distemper.
ACO Duties do not include:
  • Removing wildlife from an area, such as nuisance raccoons or armadillos. Some wildlife examples in the Bella Vista area are raccoons, beaver, opossum, armadillos, bats, foxes, deer and coyotes.
  • Putting down a deer following a traffic accident.
  • Picking up stray cats or kittens.

How to get rid of unwanted animals or wildlife:
  • Contact local wildlife officers or animal removal services. Names and numbers can be found in the local phone book or on the Internet.

The City of Bella Vista contracts with the Bella Vista Animal Shelter to provide care and shelter to stray dogs and cats. A reclaim fee is charged and the cost increases if an animal is a repeat guest of the shelter. If a dog or cat is not reclaimed by the owner within five (5) calendar days, it shall become the property of the shelter and available for adoption.