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Signalized Pedestrian/Cyclist Crosswalk (HAWK) Activation on Forest Hills Blvd / AR 279

A signalized crosswalk has been installed on Forest Hills Blvd (AR 279) near the southern edge of the City and is scheduled for activation on Monday, May 18.

The signalized crosswalk is called a High intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) or Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon and is the second installed in Bella Vista. The crosswalk signal lights remain dark and are only activated when a button is pressed by the non-motorized user. A video demonstration can be found at this link. 

Traffic signal lights – what drivers see and what they should do:

-          All signal lights are dark – drivers should proceed as normal.
-          Lower signal light is flashing/solid yellow – drivers should prepare to stop.
-          Upper two signal lights are both solid red – drivers must stop.
-          Upper two signal lights are flashing red – drivers must stop; then proceed if the pedestrian or cyclist has fully cleared the crosswalk.
-          After the cycle ends, the signal lights will be dark.

Crosswalk light – what pedestrians/cyclists see and what they should do:

-          Crosswalk light is illuminated with solid red hand image indicating: Stop. Do not cross.
-          Press signal button. The button box will chirp once when pressed and turn on a small light above the button – letting the person know that the crosswalk system has been activated.
-          Crosswalk light will change to walking person image, followed by a flashing hand image with a countdown.
-          Pedestrians/Cyclists should first check for vehicles and then proceed on the crosswalk.
-          When the countdown finishes, the crosswalk light will return to the solid hand image.

This crossing was permitted by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) and will provide an integral part of the Little Sugar Trail System in Bella Vista. This crossing, along with the growing trails system, supports a primary goal of the City Council-adopted Trails and Greenway Masterplan to create safe connections for biking and walking between existing and planned neighborhoods, parks, schools, commercial and employment centers.

Weather and other unforeseen circumstances could affect the exact timing of the activation.                 

 HAWK Info Flyer