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Planning Commission

Planning Commission

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission serves to review and approve development proposals for compliance to city codes. The commissioners vote to make recommendations to the City Council for rezoning applications and on long-range, city-wide plans. 

The commission consists of seven members who serve four-year terms. They are appointed by the City Council and must reside in city limits.

Current Members:

The Planning Commission typically meets twice per month on the second Monday of the month and the Thursday that falls 10 days prior to that day. Meetings are held at Bella Vista District Court, 612 W. Lancashire Blvd.
For agendas from an earlier date, please call the CDS office at 479-268-4980.

2019 Planning Commission meetings

09/09/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
08/29/19 Work Session     Packet    
08/12/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
08/01/19 Work Session     Packet    
07/08/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
06/27/19 Work Session     Packet    
06/10/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
05/13/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
04/08/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
03/28/19 Work Session     Packet    
03/11/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
02/11/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
01/31/19 Work Session     Packet    
01/14/19 Regular Meeting     Packet    
01/03/19 Work Session     Packet    
11/13/18 Regular Meeting     Packet    
10/08/18 Regular meeting     Packet    
09/27/18 Work session     Packet    
09/10/18 Regular meeting     Packet    
08/13/18 Regular meeting     Packet