Report a Code Violation

  1. Upon initial report of the violation, a Code Enforcement Officer will inspect the property and determine a violation. The officer will collect photos and attempt to contact the owner to notify that person of the violation and the remedial action required. If no immediate contact can be made, the officer will post notice of the visit, including the officer’s name and any comments necessary, in a visible location at the property.
  2. The case will be recorded in the city’s system, and a follow up inspection will be set for a minimum of seven (7) days following the initial visit. The owner of the property will be verified, and an official letter will be sent to the address, as well as the owner’s offsite address, if necessary.
  3. Upon the second inspection, photos will be taken of remedial efforts or the lack of those efforts. If the violation is not in compliance, a citation can be issued to the owner or any resident over the age of 18. If the officer is unable to make contact, a second door hanger will be left alerting the owner there is a citation pending.
  4. Code Enforcement officers’ goals are to get properties within compliance, not write a citation. In cases where no action is being taken to correct the issue, the city will seek an administrative warrant to clean or abate the property by hiring a contractor and placing a lien on the property.

Report issues by email to or on the form below, or call Community Development Services at 479-268-4980.