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Please submit completed applications and required submittal items to for intake. In addition, some applications can be submitted through our online portal such as subcontractor permits, new home construction, and accessory structures.

If submitting a planning application, please ensure that a pre-application meeting has been held with a City Planner prior to submitting the application for intake.

See below for development related applications and reference guides.
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Residential Building Documents and Applications7 documents

  • 2022 Residential Plot Plan Checklist
    Single family plot plan submittal requirements effective August 8, 2022
  • Grading and Erosion Final Inspection Checklist
  • Lot Clearing Burn Permit Application
    Required by Fire Department if burning on site after clearing lot
  • Residential building permit (application only)
  • Residential Building Permit Application Package
  • Residential Grading and Erosion Control Application
    Effective August 8, 2022
  • Residential permit review process information

Commercial Building Documents and Applications5 documents

  • Commercial building permit application package
  • Commercial building plan submittal checklist
  • Commercial certificate of occupancy procedure
  • Commercial permit review process information
  • Grading and erosion control application

Subcontractors1 document

  • Subcontractor Permit Application

Miscellaneous Applications and Reference Guides18 documents

  • ARDOT Driveway Access Permit Information
    Residential or commercial driveways that access 340, 279, or 71 require City approval and ARDOT permitting.
  • Deck reference guide
  • Dockside recreational improvements reference guide
  • Door-to-Door Solicitation permit application
  • Fence reference guide
  • Misc Plan Submittal Checklist
  • Misc./Accessory Improvement Application
  • Portable storage container permit application
  • Portable storage container reference guide
  • Retaining Wall/Sea Wall reference guide
  • Special Event Permit Application
  • Special Events Requirements
  • Miscellaneous Building Application
  • FAQs - Detached Garages
  • FAQs - Fences
  • FAQs - Generators
  • FAQs - Pools
  • FAQs - Sheds

Community Development Permit Fees2 documents

  • ICC Valuation Table
  • Permit Fee Schedule

Signs6 documents

  • Permanent sign permit application
  • Political sign fact sheet
  • Real estate sign fact sheet
  • Sign Reference Guide
  • Temporary sign permit application
  • Yard sale sign fact sheet

Miscellaneous Fact Sheets3 documents

  • Foundation and Footing Code
  • House number fact sheet
  • Properties eligible for sewer connection