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24 Mar The City, POA and ACC

(Originally posted by Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association)   What is the difference between these three organizations? Many residents get confused with the role and function of the City, POA and ACC.  Hopefully this brief outline wil

06 Nov Let’s be a community. Are you in?

  Spread the word. This time of year, there are a myriad of scams that target everyone — but particularly the elderly. For instance, recently there has been a rash of “Publisher’s Clearinghouse” scams, in which you get a call from someone claimi

26 Oct Update: Street Department

TIMELINE: March 5, 2015 — Greenberg Farrow studies condition of all city streets. May 2015 — The 2015 plan for repairs includes 23 miles of slurry seal and 7 miles of asphalt overlay, with a paving budget of $1 million. June 2015 — Greenberg Farrow r