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Where is City Hall located?

101 Town Center West, just off U.S. 71 at exit 98, adjacent to Fire Station 1.

Where is POA Membership Services located?

1 Euston Road at Metfield Clubhouse on the east side of the city — 479-855-8000.

What is the difference between the City and the POA?

The City is a public governmental entity.  The POA is a private non-profit corporation.  When the City incorporated in 2006, a layer of municipal government was created separate and apart from the private property owners’ association.  The City provides police, fire, ambulance, library, public street maintenance, development/code enforcement, and solid waste (trash) services to residents of the City.

How much of the monthly POA dues I pay go to the City?

None. The city is funded by a combination of sales tax, property tax, state and county turnback funds and city permit/license fees. One hundred percent of POA dues go to their organization for the operation and maintenance of their private facilities.




Where is the Community Development Services department located?

Village Center, 616 Lancashire Blvd. — 479-268-4980

Where can I get information about building permits?

Click here for building permit information.

What is the average cost of permits to build an 1,800-square-foot home?

Please click here for information on how residential building permits are calculated.

Does Bella Vista require business licenses?

The city does not require a license to operate a business. If your business is required by the Arkansas Department of Finance Administration to have a sales and use tax permit, you may obtain a letter of zoning code compliance from Community Development Services at no cost by calling 479-268-4980.

How do I get a copy of my residential plot plan?

Either stop by or call for electronic or hard copy. Hard copies are $.25.

Where can I find which properties are eligible for a sewer connection?

Please click here for a list of these properties.

Can you recommend a contractor?

No, we cannot specifically recommend a contractor but we can provide a list of contractors who have pulled permits within the last 60 days. Often, local building supply companies will provide specific recommendations.

My neighbor’s tree is about to fall on my property. Can the city remove a tree from my neighbor’s property?

The city will not remove trees from private property. We consider this a civil matter between the two adjoining property owners.

How do I report nuisance conditions on my neighbor’s property, such as tall grass or parking issues?

Call 479-268-4980 and indicate you have a nuisance complaint. Please provide a very specific address where the complaint is taking place. Upon filing a complaint, the department will attempt to make contact at the reported property within 48 hours. The department makes every effort to work with the property owner or resident to resolve the issue in a timely manner. However, because of due process protections, some complaints may take longer to resolve than what would be desired.

If I lodge a complaint, will I remain anonymous? 

Yes. Members of the public that report code violations are noted as anonymous in our tracking system.

Do I need a permit for a garage or yard sale?

No, but you must follow the city sign regulations. Click here for these regulations.


Do I need a permit for door-to-door solicitation?

You will need a permit to sell anything door-to-door in city limits. An application must be completed at City Hall. Photo identification is required. Permits cost $10 daily, $30 weekly, or $75 monthly.



Does the Fire Department provide free smoke detectors?

No. The department currently does not have a program in place to provide smoke detectors, but will install smoke detectors you purchase.  The department recommends purchasing a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and will answer any questions about these devices. Call the Fire Department at 479-855-8249.

What are the rules for a controlled burn?

Residents do not need a permit to burn, but must call the Police Department communications center at 479-855-3771 prior to burning. During burn bans no controlled burns are allowed.

When burning is allowed, you must attend the fire at all times, have a water source nearby, extinguish the fire if winds pick up and have the fire out by dark.

For more information about burning visit the Bella Vista Fire Department page.



City ordinances do not prohibit me from certain activity, but private POA covenants and rules do.  What must I follow?

The city’s legal department does not provide opinions or interpretations of private covenants or rules. However, residents should be aware that in some circumstances city ordinances may permit certain conduct that private POA covenants and rules do not permit. In such a circumstance, a resident may face private enforcement actions (lawsuits) or sanctions for conduct not deemed illegal or impermissible by the city, but which violate private requirements.  Likewise, city ordinances may make certain conduct illegal that would otherwise be permitted by private covenants and rules. In that case, the person would be subject to being cited into court by the city for an ordinance violation. Particular questions regarding your circumstances should be referred to a private attorney for further guidance.

For other frequently asked questions relating to legal issues, please click here.



Where is the library?

The Bella Vista Public Library is located at 11 Dickens Place — 479-855-1753.



How do I get a dog license?

Residents are required to license their dogs, which can be done at City Hall. The cost is $10 per year, and proof of rabies vaccination is required. For more information on dog licensing, click here.


For emergencies, dial 911.

For non-emergencies, dial 479-855-3771.

How do I get fingerprints?

If you need fingerprints for employment, a concealed handgun permit or background check, make an appointment by calling the Police Department at 479-855-3771. When you arrive for your appointment, bring your fingerprint cards and a valid ID. There is no charge to Bella Vista residents for fingerprints. If you live outside the city, the cost is $10.

What are the rules for a controlled burn?

Residents do not need a permit to burn, but must call the police department communications center at 479-855-3771 prior to burning. During burn bans no controlled burns are allowed.

When burning is allowed, you must attend the fire at all times, have a water source nearby, extinguish the fire if winds pick up and have the fire out by dark.

For more information about burning visit the Bella Vista Fire Department page.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

If an accident or incident is not part of an ongoing investigation and no one was arrested, you can get a report after five business days. Accident reports are $10 and incident reports are $.25 cents a page. Exact change or credit cards are accepted. There is a $3.00 minimum for credit card transactions.

How do I pay a fine for a citation?

If you received a citation from the Bella Vista PD and it is not a “must appear,” you can pay fines to and obtain fine information from Bentonville Police Department:

Bentonville Police Department:
(479) 271-5900

908 SE 14th St, Bentonville, AR 72712

If the misdemeanor citation is a “must appear” offense or you choose to appear in court for your court date, you will need to go to the Bentonville District Court.

Bentonville District Court
(479) 271-3120

2706 S. Walton Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712

My power is out. Who do I call?

If you experience a power outage or utility failure, be sure to contact the utility/company that provides your service to ensure they are aware of the disruption of your service. Click here for utility service provider information.

Where can I get information about sex offenders in my area?

To check on registered sex offenders in Bella Vista, you may call the Police Department at 479-855-3771, or click here to visit the Benton County Sheriff’s Office sex offender site.




Who do I call about mowing issues?

The City of Bella Vista Street Department is responsible for mowing the roadways in the city, with the exception of state highways 340 (Lancashire Blvd.) and 279 (Forest Hills Blvd.). For issues with mowing on city-maintained roads, please call City Hall at 479-876-1255. For issues with mowing on state highways, please call the Arkansas Highway Department, 501-569-2000.

How do I report a tree down that is blocking the roadway?

Please call City Hall, 479-876-1255. After business hours, please call the Police Department non-emergency line, 479-855-3771.

How do I request a street repair?

Please call City Hall at 479-876-1255 to have a work order created for a street repair request.





Who do I call about trash pickup?

The city contracts with Republic Services for trash collection — 479-855-4226. For a list of frequently asked trash collection questions, please click here.

Why is my trash billed with my water?

The city contracts with Republic Services for trash collection, and also contracts with the Property Owners Association for the billing for this service. Therefore, residents will be billed for their trash collection along with their water, which is provided by the POA. Effective Jan. 1, 2017, the POA will no longer bill for trash service, and your trash bill will come directly from Republic Services. For more info, click here.




Why does the city not provide water to its residents?

Water to residents of Bella Vista is provided by the Property Owners Association Water Department, who owns and operates the water system throughout the city. For issues with water, please call 479-855-5085.




Do I need a permit to have a yard sale?

Permits are not required for yard sales. However, residents must abide by city sign regulations. Click here for this information.