What We Do For You

Bella Vista Fire Department personnel are happy to provide services such as checking blood pressure or programming weather radios free of charge. This service may be done at any fire station when personnel aren’t responding to a call.

In addition, firefighters are available to come to your home and check smoke detectors. For more information, call Station No. 1 at 479-855-8249.

The Fire Department also offers the following services to Bella Vista residents.

Fire Extinguisher Training
Lock Boxes for Your Front Door Key
Courtesy Home Fire Safety Inspections


The Bella Vista Fire Department personnel offer classes to the public, including CPR/AED training and first aid accredited by the American Heart Association.

Infant CPR is also available upon request.

Bella Vista businesses, churches, babysitters and other groups or individuals are welcome. The training is free to non-profit agencies, and each class must have a minimum of 10 participants.

Classes are scheduled the second Friday of each month, and last approximately 3 hours. For more information, call 479-855-8249 or 479-855-4454.


Fire Extinguisher Training

fire extinguisherThe Bella Vista Fire Department is dedicated to providing the best fire extinguisher training and information to individuals and groups alike.

If used properly, fire extinguishers can smother a small fire. Before using an extinguisher, find a clear way to get away from fire danger. Also, be sure you are using the correct extinguisher for the right kind of fire.

The three types of fire extinguishers are:

  • Type A extinguishers for ordinary combustibles, including common household items such as paper, trash, wood and cloth
  • Type B extinguishers for flammable liquids, including gasoline, cooking oils or fats, oil-based paint and kerosene
  • Type C extinguishers for electrical equipment, including wall outlets, power cords, small and large appliances, wiring and fuse boxes

During fire extinguisher training through the Fire Department, instructors will explain how fire extinguishers operate, which type of extinguisher is best for which type of fire and how large a fire the extinguisher can smother. Participants will also get hands-on experience using fire extinguishers.

Call the Fire Department for more information, 479-855-8249.


Lock Boxes for Your Front Door Key

Many times Fire Department or ambulance personnel answer an emergency call only to find the door locked. You or a loved one could be in the house unconscious or unable to move.

FD LockboxThe Lock Box program provides a small box that holds a key to your home, and is installed near the front door. The box is accessible by Fire Department personnel only, and prevents medical personnel or police officers from breaking a door or window to get to you inside when you need assistance.

If the resident installs boxes, the cost is $24 per box. Instructions on where to install the box can be provided at the Fire Department. For professional installation by Fire Department personnel, the cost is $67.40 per box, which includes the box and the installation.

Lock Boxes may be purchased at Fire Station No. 1 at Town Center. For more information, call Deputy Chief Bryan Wolfgang at 479-855-8249.

Courtesy Home Fire Safety Inspections

The Bella Vista Fire Department and Fire Prevention Volunteers offer each homeowner or renter within the City of Bella Vista a courtesy home fire safety inspection. This includes education about fire safety and fire prevention suggestions and tips.

Personnel will look for potential fire hazards and check areas such as around electrical cords and outlets, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and chemical or flammable gas storage. Kitchen hazards will also be evaluated.

To learn more about this program, or to set up a time and date for your inspection, call 855-8249, or email a request to ssims@bellavistaar.gov