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The Community Development Services Department administers many functions, categorized into four broad categories:


Planning responsibilities for the department include reviewing development applications for conformance with adopted Zoning, Subdivision and Flood Damage Prevention codes. Proposals are reviewed for implementation of adopted plans, including the Master Street Plan and Future Land Use Plan. Staff interacts with utility providers and other city departments to assure applications comply with building and easement requirements. Personnel prepare meeting agendas, staff reports and recommendations and minutes for meetings of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments. Staff updates long-range plans and ordinances to reflect changing community standards, and also represents the city in regional planning activities.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement responsibilities include interacting with the public to log complaints and investigate nuisance and parking ordinance violations. The department also conducts a large educational effort to ensure citizen compliance with the Sign Code, particularly in regard to garage sale signage. The department coordinates with other city departments to clean up and prosecute illegal dumping activities. Building on existing personnel’s training and background, Code Enforcement is responsible for erosion control and storm water inspections for commercial building projects.

Building Safety

Building Safety responsibilities include performing building plans reviews and inspections for conformance with the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code (building related), National Electric Code, Arkansas Plumbing Code and Arkansas Mechanical Code. Staff is also involved with the investigation of Building Code complaints and the issuance of stop-work orders. Staff prepares the agendas, staff reports and minutes for meetings of the Board of Construction Appeals. In addition, the Building Inspector is involved with Code Enforcement activities, including storm water inspections, sign enforcement and investigation of dilapidated buildings.


The department currently reviews development applications for compliance with the Subdivision Code for drainage/storm water analysis requirements. In addition, staff administers flood plain development permits and right-of-way use permits. Activities outside of staff expertise, including hydraulic and drainage analysis, related to development reviews are currently hired out to an on-call engineering firm.

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