City Council meeting and Council Committees

Current Council committees (appointed by the Mayor):

         Public Safety Committee – meets as needed at City Hall

Regular Monthly Meeting Time & Place

The City Council’s regular monthly meetings are typically held at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at American Legion Post 341, 1889 Bella Vista Way (on the corner of Kingsland Road and Hwy 71).

The meeting is open to the public. It’s also recorded for repeat broadcasts. If you can’t attend a meeting, you can watch the monthly City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday of the month on Cox Communications cable channel 222 or U-Verse channel 99.

 Types of Meetings

By state statute, the City Council can hold six types of meetings. All meetings, except for an executive session, are open to the public. According to the Freedom of Information Act, the Council must give the general public notice about the time and place for a meeting at least two hours before it starts.

Regular Council Meetings: These meetings take care of reoccurring or general matters. During these meetings, aldermen vote to enact ordinances, resolutions, and award contracts and establish policies.

Special Council Meetings: These meeting are generally called for a specific purpose that requires action prior to the next regular Council meeting. Usually these meetings have only one or two items on the agenda.

Public Hearings: The Council holds public hearings prior to each regular meeting agenda item requiring it to allow residents an opportunity to share their ideas and explain how they feel about certain issues.

Executive Session: The Council holds closed sessions only to discuss a particular public officer or employee. By statute, they can discuss hiring, appointing, promoting, demoting or disciplining someone. They cannot discuss policies during an executive session.

Work Session: The Council can hold a more casual meeting called a work session when they need to learn more about proposals or challenges, and discuss issues in more detail.

Informational Meetings: The Council or a Council Committee may hold a less formal meeting to provide residents with information relating to issues affecting them.

Source:  Guidebook for Municipal Officials of Mayor/Council Cities
 Revised June 2011. Written and published by the Arkansas Municipal League